Website and Software Development

We have an extensive knowledge and understanding of custom and pre-build web development. According to your requirements, we design and develop your website. We have an expert team of developers with a vast knowledge of programming language. Our website development is based on five concepts:


We design and develop our websites to work on every device. We will also customize our web development to be responsive in UI and UX perspective.


We consider the speed of the website as one of the vital factors for ranking in Google and provide users with a seamless experience.


We provide easy navigational usability of the application. Our applications are complete in functional requirement as well as an easy navigable for the end users.


We incorporate all the functional requirements of the application and make it complete bug-free with rigorous quality assurance testing.

Advanced Technology

Our web development applications are made with advanced and latest technologies such as PHP 7+, Python 3+, HTML5, and CSS3.


We believe that a website should have good visual and aesthetics to attract visitor and users. A well designed website retains customers and builds trust.

Our website development solutions focus on user responsiveness and cross-platform usability. Also, our codes are well documented and easily readable for future changes and development. We are confident that our team can resolve any technical issues with various methods like email, web chat support, remote access, and by phone within the stipulated timeframe. We assist you to build a functional and professional website through the following process:


Requirement Finalization

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Our Business Analyst conducts discussion sessions and workshops to understand your business and project requirements. We don’t start with the project until the requirements and research are finalized.

Based on your requirements, we design the system architecture, concept and development flowchart. We always work with an agile user-centred iterative process which has helped us to provide a functional end-user application. We initially design a concept and discuss with you to get a confirmation on our approach and design process. We finalize the UI and UX before we complete the backend development for any application or website development.

Our development approach is straight forward and according to the functionality requirements. We prepare an alpha version of the product for review and discussion. Further, we proceed with the development of the beta version of the product. Our development and design process is managed by experts with more than 5-10 years of experience.

We do rigorous testing before we go live with any project. We provide bug-free software with our automated selenium testing customized to your project. We perform various testing during the website development such as test case development and user acceptance test. Our test case development consists of various test cases of functionality which are created to check the proper functioning of the developed website.


WordPress Integration and Setup

We understand that open source platforms such as WordPress are easy to maintain and comes with a bundle of plugins. We help you integrate or incorporate a WordPress website into your business requirements. We recommend that using WordPress is the best option for small scale and content based websites.  

E-Commerce solutions

We provide customized E-commerce solutions tailored to your needs. We use latest technology e-commerce software such as magneto, woo commerce and other open source software. Our e-commerce websites use templates which suits your business and provide an ultimate user shopping experience. We have provided various e-commerce solutions from small scale to enterprise scale. We also provide optimization of the products description and tiles for SEO purpose.