Graphics Design and Media Management

Graphics designing is an important part of marketing and content strategy. We design modern infographics with the use of icons, text design and soothing colors. We have a complete understanding of the latest design trends and market behaviour. We use various vector and image processing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to provide you with creative designs. Text-based contents and marketing is an outdated concept. People/Customers love graphical representations and understand in easy steps. Infographics and modern graphics speaks in itself and summarizes complete text in a single informational image. Also, graphical images can draw a lot of traffic from Google images and other image search engines.



Banners are traditional graphic design solutions for advertisements, marketing or website headers. We provide banners that are eye-catching and converts easily. Banner marketing is possible in Google Adwords, other websites and or in your business website.



Infographics are the latest trends to showcase your business, content or product. We use vector based iconographical solutions designed in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. Our designs are simple, creative and easy to understand by the end users. We recommend you to convert your existing contents into infographics. In the recent analysis by social media examiner, it shows that image contents are more shared online than text-based contents.

Marketing Material

We design and craft graphical marketing material for your business. Our graphical marketing material consists of various images, custom infographics, audio, video, and an amalgamation of various texts.


Our brochure designs are vector based simple and intuitive designs made with love. We customize brochures based on your requirements. We provide brochure designs in any format and style according to your document.

Website Graphics

In the modern era, website graphics are very important; text-based website contents are no longer in use. We try to incorporate more image-based content instead of text. We design complete website graphics with every content in details. The graphics are relevant to your website and we use various icons, photos, illustrators and clipart in to represent your business.

Think Tank

We have dedicated think-tank sessions with our complete staff for developing new ideas and incorporating into our daily practices. Our session also includes innovating and implementing new technologies. Think tank session helps us to understand the latest trends and development. The sessions make us understand your requirements and recommending you the latest technology. We implement our think tank sessions for every digital service that we provide.  

Print Media and Report Design

This is a new digital service that is provided by Vista Digit according to the client’s demand and requirements. Some of the clients require designing and formatting their business reports, so we customize graphical aspects in the software such as Microsoft Word or InDesign.

Brand Management

Brand Management is about visibility and mouth of word campaigns for your business. We ensure that people engage and know about your brand instead of searching in Google for that particular solution/keyword. Brand Management includes public relation management, online channels management, social media management, and traditional channel management etc. We provide complete brand management and implementation strategy. We equip our clients with promotional materials, campaign automation, and channel promotional automation etc. We offer a complete service of public relation management in both digital and traditional channels.