Content Creation and Marketing

Content Writing

We have a designated expert team to write SEO contents and Blog contents. We have complete knowledge of how to create a content which is Google and search engine friendly. An SEO article should consist of minimum 2100 number of words with a distribution of 5 graphical items and with assigned headers and title. We have experience in writing articles in alignment with the necessary potential keywords. The title should be short and specific to the main keyword. The inside keywords are evenly distributed in the article content. We do certain keyword research before we write an article and recommend you for the potential keywords.

Audio and Video Content

We provide you with audio and video marketing content which will be shared into various social media sites such as Facebook, twitter, youtube and Instagram. We develop audio and video contents based on your requirements and consultation. The audio and video contents are only for marketing purpose; we do not provide any professional video contents which requires models or human interference.

Explanatory Videos

Content Marketing

Our content marketing strategy is through conducting proper research. We use tools such as Ahref and BuzzSumo to identify your similar competitive articles, and we develop a better version of the article for marketing purpose. We identify the influencers who have previously shared similar kind of content, and we contact them to include and share your content.