AI, Data Mining and Data Analytics

We have a skilled professional to conduct data mining and analytics according to your business requirements. We perform our large-scale data mining through python crawlers designed in beautiful soup, headless chromium through proxy servers. We provide the output and analytics in any format such as file, database, SQL and excel. Our data mining and analytical tools are python, octave, TensorFlow.

We use python, TensorFlow for our AI based developments, data mining and data analytics. Data mining is the base and highlighting pattern for the AI machine learning development. We have successfully developed a few machine learning and AI-based application. We provide various statistical models from clustering to classification-based machine learning. Our data mining process is based on existing data, web data and any other form of data required to develop the AI based machine learning application. We have hands-on experience in developing machine learning application for financial data, social media data, and job data.

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