FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a technique to rank on top of the Google search results. For example, if you search for the term "keto diet",  Google algorithm search for the best website and rank based on it's algorithm. There are many factors to rank on top of Google or any search engine. Some of the factors are quality links, user interaction, social signals, or page optimization etc.

Ranking on google is very complicated, for any startup website, we recommend and provide a 9 months project campaigns to see any results.

We try to rank as much keywords as possible. And we guarantee a Google first page rank for the important keywords. However, for more competitive keywords such as hotel booking, lose weight or seo etc takes lot of time campaigns.

Paid advertisements are short-term temporary way of getting traffic, and when you stop paid campaigns, there is no traffic. SEO is a long term investment where after 1 and 2 years it yields you free traffic which converts.

Graphics Design

We believe that client satisfaction is an utmost priority to us. We do have restriction to three revisions for any graphic design product, however, if you are not satisfied with the design, we will try to deliver according to your requirements.

Yes, we provide you with an unique design and copyrighted to your business. We do not use any infographics which are not unique or provided online. All our designs are custom tailored to your business requirements.

Website Development

All our website development comes with full source code for future design and development.

Yes, we provide you with an intellectual property transfer agreement. We do not share you business project files and your project files belongs to you.


We are flexible with our payment and we provide various options for the payment. We can request you for the said amount to be paid through any Debit/Credit card or you can pay directly through wire transfer to our account.

For security purpose, we charge an upfront to our client. We request you to make an upfront escrow payment to initiate the project. After that we have milestone payments. The payment plan depends on the type of the project and the length of the contract.

We have a digital contract agreement for every project. We prefer to work ethically and on fair basis.